Goodbye to Melbourne – From the Sky

I was very fortunate this week to receive a tremendous going away present from my employers sct, a balloon ride over Melbourne followed up by a Champagyne Breakfast at the sensational Grand Hyatt! 

The morning began in the wee hours when the pilot gave us  a wake-up call at 5.15am(eeek) to confirm that we were indeed flying. After shuffling around in the dark, we made our way to Treasury Gardens to meet up with the whole group, where everyone quickly bonded standing in the dark freezing weather. Then off we went in the mini bus out to Resevoir for take off. To my delight we went up along side the Carlton Draught Pot, always a comical sight. The ascent was so smooth and slow that you barely even notice you up until you suddenly realise your at least 1,500 ft off the ground! Initially everyone was a little timid, staying away from the edge, it wasn’t long until we were hanging right off the edge to take advantage of the amazing bird’s eye view of the city.

Landing was the only real adrenaline stimulating part of the flight.. we almost tipped over… luckily we didn’t though! Then we were straight off to breakfast, which was one of the best buffet’s I have ever experienced!

For anyone thinking about flying, stop thinking about it and do it. I will definitely be reliving this experience at some point, and I’m looking forward to it already.

I highly recommend our company, Balloon Flights over Melbourne, Chris the Pilot is enigmatic, reassuring and the perfect personality for this business.

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