Inspiration from Coca Cola…

Georgia and I from the studio had a great lunch session on Friday listening to David Elsworth, Design Manager at Coca Cola Japan, brought out here by the Melbourne Advertising & Design Club

His enthusiasim for projects and ideas that don’t just aim to create a message, but drive customer behavioural change was infectious! Just thought I’d share a few of the campaigns that he mentioned that ring true to his key points and share the inspiration with the studio.

One point he made which rings true especially for me as a digital designer, is his solid belief that the next”movement” in marketing and advertisement will be in gamification. Using interaction and enjoyment to target customers, rather than just surface level messages.

Coke’s concept of “open happiness”, aiming for an emotive response rather than a just a purchase decision:

Coke’s “Friendship Machine” A promotion that only friendship can make possible:

VW’s “Fun Theory” Proving that if you make something fun, you can improve peoples behaviour:

“The great schlep” A movement for grand children to educate their grand parents about Obama, and change the vote:

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